Mineral Economics and Market Research  services include the preparation of detailed mine costing studies, the economic analysis of proposed and operating mines, and the financial analysis and appraisal of mining enterprises. In conducting mine costing studies, STAGG utilizes MineCost, a proprietary mine costing spreadsheet program developed by the firm for both surface and underground coal mines. This mine costing program is routinely used in due diligence investigations conducted in the course of proposed acquisitions, in operational analyses conducted for mine operators, and in the formal appraisal of mines and mining enterprises. This software is routinely used in the course of litigation and arbitration matters in the preparation of expert testimony.

The firm's experience in the economic and financial analysis of mines and mining operations has been gained during due diligence investigations, operational analyses conducted for mine operators, and in the appraisal of mines and mining enterprises. It should be noted that Alan Stagg is a certified mineral appraiser with more than 250 mineral appraisals having been conducted. These appraisals have been accepted by banks, government agencies, and publicly traded and privately owned companies.

The firm prepares its own discounted cash flow and financial models tailored for use on a project-specific basis , with Craig Wood, the firm's principal economic analyst, being the lead professional in this practice area. It is estimated that several hundred such models have been prepared, with the major portion having been used in due diligence investigations during proposed acquisitions, in support of financing, and in evaluating operating practices and production alternatives.

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Mineral Economics & Market Research