Mining Projects:  

• Initial assessment of mine feasibility at two underground mines in Ohio and West Virginia... conducted for the mineral
• Preparation of a Pre-Feasibility Study at a proposed underground mine complex in the Cahaba Basin in Alabama,
   including the development of conceptual mine plans, equipment selection, the preparation of capital budgets,
   forecasts of operating costs, the assessment of transportation alternatives, and the preparation of a detailed financial
   model... conducted for Attila Resources, Limited.
• Mine feasibility study which included the development of a twenty-year mine plan, detailed cost projections, and
   projected capital expenditures for an existing longwall mine in eastern Kentucky... conducted for a potential acquirer.
• Due diligence investigations of four affiliated underground mining complexes under common ownership at widely
   divergent locations in Central Appalachia that produced a range of metallurgical coal products for both domestic
   and export consumption... conducted for a potential acquirer.
• Evaluation and benchmarking key operating factors for the purpose of assessing short-and long-term operational
   efficiency improvements for two mining operations in Utah and Wyoming. The study consisted of the benchmarking of
   similar mines for productivity, labor, safety, coal quality, costs, technology, and systems and procedures... conducted for
   the parent company of the two mining operations.
• Mine costing study for two privately owned mining operations in Nova Scotia... conducted to assist the consumer in
   upcoming contract negotiations with the operator.
• Management support for a new seven million ton per year longwall coal mine in the western U.S. including design of
   surface facilities, cost estimates, feasibility study support, and construction management support at the San Juan
   surface mine... conducted for the mine owner.
• Review of historic and current mine plans, development of conceptual alternative mine plans, and forecasts of
   economic performance at Western Energy's Rosebud Mine in Rosebud County, Montana... conducted for the Northern
   Cheyenne Tribe, Inc. during litigation involving the 1982 Powder River Basin coal lease sale.
• Operational assessment and forecast of mining costs for a series of currently-operating and hypothetical large surface
   mines in Rosebud County, Montana... prepared for a mining company considering this area as a potential candidate
   for lease acquisition and mine development.
• Evaluation of the mine plan and operating forecast for the proposed Montco surface mine in Rosebud County,
   Montana... prepared for a mining company as a part of its evaluation of potential targets for acquisition.
• Evaluation of mining operations in the western U.S. which were captive to an electric generating company and
   included the assessment of remaining reserves, coal quality, projected cost structure, mine closure costs and timing,
   labor-related liabilities, and the competitive status of the mines... conducted for a potential acquirer.

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